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Concise, Efficient and Effective

The Safety-Ed™ Driving Safety Course is self-paced to help employees learn. The two-hour Course provides corporate automobile, light truck and van fleet driving safety education to serve as an important component of your overall risk management program. Available in both English and Spanish with full audio, our online corporate and fleet driver education and safety course presents the latest defensive driving safety information available in short easy lessons. The Course utilizes interactive multimedia that keeps employees involved throughout the lessons.

Following is the overall curriculum for the Course:




5 minutes

Lesson 1 - Traffic Safety Problem

5 minutes

Lesson 2 - Factors Influencing Driver Performance

15 minutes

Lesson 3 - Traffic Laws and Procedures

20 minutes

Lesson 4 - Special Skills for Difficult Driving Environments

15 minutes

Lesson 5 - Perception Skills for Safe Driving

10 minutes

Lesson 6 - Defensive Driving Strategies

20 minutes

Lesson 7 - Driving Emergencies

20 minutes

Lesson 8 - Occupant Restraints and Protective Equipment

5 minutes

Lesson 9 - Alcohol and Traffic Safety

5 minutes

Comprehensive Quiz


Short Quizzes Help Ensure Comprehension

A two-question quiz follows each lesson and the Course ends with a 20-question comprehensive quiz. All quizzes contain randomly generated questions from our proprietary test bank. The quizzes help your employees understand the Course materials. Students successfully complete the Course with a comprehensive quiz score of at least 70 percent. Your employees may review any lessons and may retake the final quiz as necessary during their 90 day enrollment period.

Tracking Progress

Track employee progress individually through a concise, downloadable management report available through the Fleet Manager Login.

Please call us at 800-980-2175 or e-mail us at to arrange for a Course demonstration. We'll be happy to answer any additional questions you have.